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The Audie Technology Swirl Meter is based on a swirl meter developed by a major after-market head manufacturer and successfully used by them for over 10 years. Its RPM oriented design eliminates the zero and calibration problems of torque based designs. It also makes it sensitive to low swirl conditions, which are important in racing engines. The latest version of the swirl meter adds detection of swirl direction, O-rings (no gaskets needed), and a smaller aluminum body with a view window – all at a lower price!

The Swirl Meter fits any bench with a 5 inch hole and a 5 inch square bolt pattern (most benches). Standard cylinder head adapters fit on top of it.


  • The meter features a large easy-to-read, 4 digit LED display
  • The swirl meter is “Computer Ready”. There are no extra charges to interface it to a PC (a $200 option on some other meters). It even includes the cable for connection to your computer. This is the only swirl meter that is guaranteed to be compatible with Flow Pro and Flow Quik software and hardware.
  • The swirl meter has pulse and RS232 outputs. It is compatible with Superflow Flow Com data acquisition.
  • The swirl meter is available with a paddle or a honeycomb disk pickup. The paddle is more durable than the disk but less sensitive to very low swirl. While the honeycomb disk will eventually wear out and need to be replaced, the paddle will last a lifetime in normal service. The honeycomb has a very small effect on flow readings. Normally the swirl meter is left on the bench and so this small effect is “zeroed out”.
  • View Window: The swirl meter has a transparent view window so that you can watch the paddle or disk to see if it is doing something unusual. Swirl that is unstable indicates a head with problems. We have seen the swirl on a problem head continuously switch between high RPM and zero RPM states.
  • O-Rings: The anodized aluminum body with top and bottom o-rings eliminates the need for gaskets.
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