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Improved Accuracy & Repeatability

Flow Pro increases both the accuracy and repeatability of your flow testing. High quality pressure sensors accurately read depression, flow, pitot tube, and carburetor jet signals. Operator to operator variations are minimized. Flow is automatically compensated for minor variations in depression, enhancing the usefulness and validity of test to test comparisons.

Modular Design

Flow Pro hardware’s modular design lets you start small and add components as you need them. A beginning configuration is a Base Sensor Module and Flow Pro software. From there you can grow by adding a pitot / carburetor jet sensor, pitot tubes, digital dial indicator, depression control, automatic valve opener, or swirl meter. Flow Pro is compatible with most flow benches, including many “home made” benches.

Easy Installation

The Flow Pro sensor module mounts on the front of your Flow Bench. (Some Flow Bench manufacturers will build Flow Pro into the bench for you). Flow and depression signals are obtained by tee-ing into the plastic tubing that feeds the manometers on your bench. The temperature probe is designed as a screw-in replacement for the dial type probes used on many benches. While a PC computer (not included) is required for complete operation, quick simple tests can be done without the computer. No add-in cards are used. Connection to your computer is through the USB port.

Fast Easy Testing

Reading manometers, writing down numbers, punching calculator buttons, sifting through stacks of paper — it all takes time. But that’s no problem; you have lots of spare time, Right? Flow Pro users report reductions in testing time of 50% to 90%. Get Flow Pro and spend more time planning how to improve your heads, and less time on the tedious chores of old-fashioned flow testing.

Fits Most Benches

Flow Pro is compatible with most flow benches, including many “home made” benches. Flow Pro supports SuperFlow, Flow Data, Saenz, and JKM flow benches.

Base Sensor Package Sensor Module

  • Sensor Module
  • Foot switch
  • Power supply
  • Cables and hook-up tubing

Options Digital Dial Indicator

  • Pitot Tubes
  • Extra Temperature Probe
  • Depression Controller
  • Valve Opener

Sensor Module Supports

  • Depression pressure sensor
  • Flow pressure sensor
  • Pitot/Carburetor booster pressure sensor
  • 2 Temperature sensors (1 standard, 1 optional)
  • Digital dial indicator (optional)
  • Foot Switch
  • Intake/Exhaust switch
  • Valve Opener (optional)
  • Swirl Meter (optional)
  • Tumble Meter (optional)
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