Tools That Work Together

Audie Technology provides high quality computer based tools for the racing engine builder. All of our tools feature professional quality software that is at the same time both user-friendly and powerful. All of our software includes interactive graphics and context sensitive help. Some of our tools also feature data acquisition hardware.

These tools are designed to work together. They share a common user interface style. This dramatically shortens your learning time when you add another one of our tools to your toolbox. They also boast the ability to share data. Cam Pro Plus, Flow Quik, and Flow Pro data files can be used by Valve Pro and Dynomation. Flow Pro can also use Flow Quik data files.

Audie Technology continues to invest in developing new products. We will continue to provide high quality tools that work together to ensure that you are satisfied.

Cam Pro Plus Logo

Professional Cam Measurement System

Cam Pro Plus is a software and sensor package for measuring and analyzing lifter and valve motion profiles. This is also a good tool for measuring duration, opening, closing, centerline, lobe separation, and cam factor. It features easy to use software and accurate sensors. Cams can be measured on its test stand or installed in the engine. Several software option packages are available for advanced and specialized analysis.
Flow Pro Logo

Software, Sensors, & Controls for Air Flow Benches

Flow Pro is the oldest and most complete line of Flow Bench software and electronics available today. It includes more options for more benches than any other system. Every major flow bench brand and most home-made benches are supported. You can start as simple as hand-keying data into the Flow Pro software, and grow to a completely automated system. Major components include software, pressure and temperature sensors, digital dial indicator, electronic depression controller, automatic valve opener, pitot tubes, and swirl meter. Flow Pro software includes special modes for port mapping and carburetor testing.
Flow Quik Logo

Affordable Air flow Tester

Flow Quik is a portable air flow tester. It uses your shop vacuum cleaner or other vacuum source. While not a complete flow bench in itself, it has become "the poor man's flowbench". It features low cost, ease-of-use, computer interface, and a performance that rivals flow benches costing thousands of dollars. Flow Quik gives the little guy what used to be reserved for the big guys with deep pockets.
Swirl Meter

RPM Based

The computer ready (some swirl meters require as much as $200 to make them computer ready) Audie Technology Swirl Meter is based on a design used by a major aftermarket head manufacturer for over 10 years. Its RPM oriented design eliminates the zero and calibration problems of torque based designs. It also makes it sensitive to low swirl conditions which are important in racing engines.
Expert Engine Logo

Data Compilation and Simulation Software

Simulation programs, data from Flow Pro or Flow Quik files can be used for head flow data sources, or you can key in airflow and swirl data directly. Camshaft data can come from Cam Doctor, S96, or Cam Pro Plus files. Windows compatible software produces graphs and charts for analysis.
Dynomation Logo

Advanced Engine Simulation Software

Dynomation is the most sophisticated engine simulation software available to the racing engine builder. It will accept Cam Pro, Cam Pro Plus, Valve Pro, Flow Pro, and Flow Quik files for input. Outputs include power, torque, volumetric efficiency, pumping loss, port pressure, cylinder pressure, and port velocity curves. Dynomation is now available is 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke versions.
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