Cam Pro Plus

Measurement System

Cam Pro Plus system with optional motor drive and universal cam adapter.

Cam Pro Plus is a software and sensor package for measuring and analyzing lifter and valve motion profiles. This is also a good tool for measuring duration, opening, closing, centerline, lobe separation, and cam factor. It features easy to use software and accurate sensors. Cams can be measured on its test stand or installed in the engine. Several software option packages are available for advanced and specialized analysis.

Why You Need Cam Pro Plus

  • Save the time spent trying to tune an engine with a bad cam. Check cams before you install them to verify that they match the cam card.
  • Simplify cam degreeing. Cam Pro Plus tells you what TDC lift is at any amount of advance or retard. You need only to find TDC and adjust the cam to produce that lift. There’s no need to mess with degree wheels.
  • Analyze lash and rocker changes before you make them. It is much more efficient to predict the effect of lash and rocker ratio changes on valve duration and the timing of valve opening and closing events than to make changes by the trial and error method.
  • Verify the cam grind. Verify that specially made cams match what you ordered.
    Analyze cams with missing manufacturer part numbers. It is common practice to grind off identifying marks. Now you can analyze the camshaft without knowing its part number.
  • Compare cams on the basis of their total profiles. Duration and total lift numbers from a catalog do not tell you the whole story.
    Study your camshafts to learn what makes a good cam for your engines. There is no substitute for knowledge.

Simplified Visual Setup
Cam Pro Plus simplifies cam measurement setup. Test setup is easy with its universal cam diagram system. Just match the diagram to the layout of the lobes on your cam, and number the cylinders on the cylinder map. It even comes with pre-defined setups for common engines. The result is an easy setup that doesn’t sacrifice flexibility. 

Easy Installation
Installation is a snap. There are no add-in cards. Just plug the sensor module into a USB port on your computer.

Accurate Sensors
Cam Pro Plus is accurate. The standard rotary sensor measures to 1/10 degree. The standard linear sensor can resolve 1 micron (0.00004 inches). Available upgrade sensors boost resolution to 1/40 degree and 1/10 micron.

Powerful, Flexible, Easy to Use
Cam Pro Plus can handle up to 4 cams and 16 cylinders per engine, multi-valve engines, over 50 lobes per cam, overhead and push rod cams, and V and inline engines. You can measure in the engine or on a test stand. The rotary motion sensor can go on the cam or the crankshaft. You can measure valve or lifter motion. Measure a few or as many lobes as you want.

Measure on Stand
Measuring a cam on a test stand is not as easy as it looks. All the details of engine geometry that are not duplicated on the stand must be compensated by the software. The challenge is making the program flexible enough to handle all kinds of engines while keeping it clear enough to avoid errors in data entry. Cam Pro Plus meets the challenge with easy to use setup diagrams. Once defined, each engine geometry is stored in its own file, ready to be recalled and used without repeating the setup entries. Cam Pro Plus comes with several common engine geometries to get you started. Use them as guides to define any engine.

Measure in the engine!

Measuring cams on a stand is great – it lets you check a cam before you use it. But it has its limitations: it can’t detect misaligned lifter bores, there’s no way to measure lobe separation in multi-cam engines, and for engines with unusual valve trains (for example, variable ratio swing arm followers) it makes no sense at all. That’s why Cam Pro Plus lets you measure cams in the engine. Of course it’s flexible. You can measure follower or valve motion. And while our standard hardware drives the rotary encoder off the crankshaft, with your own hardware you can drive it off the cam.

Remote Operation
With Cam Pro Plus’ sensor module you don’t have to move your computer next to the engine. You can do a complete test from the sensor module. And since the sensor module displays sensor positions you can use it with or without the computer as a digital degree wheel. This is very handy for checking the timing of motorcycle engines without removing the engine from the frame so that a degree wheel can be attached.

Powerful Analysis Graphics
Powerful graphics in Cam Pro Plus make analysis quick and easy. You can overlay motion, velocity, acceleration, and jerk curves for both follower and valve motion. Add or remove curves or lobes with a single keystroke. Multilevel zoom aids inspection of fine details. Cam Pro Plus makes it easy to play “what if”. Base circle runout, valve lash, and rocker ratio can be adjusted individually for each lobe. Lobe centerlines can be shifted to any position. You can You can even use an intake lobe as an exhaust lobe.

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