Flow Quik

What It Is

Flow Quik


Flow testing is fast with Flow Quik. Stop wasting time adjusting depression, reading manometers, and punching calculator buttons to compute the CFM. Flow Quik users actually report testing ten times faster than with a traditional flow bench.


Traditional flow benches typically cost $2500 to $12000, or more. The high cost has kept many from the benefits of flow testing. Flow Quik breaks through the cost barrier. You can purchase a Flow Quik measuring unit with Flow Quik software for less then a third the price of the cheapest flow bench! The measuring unit is just $779 and the software is only $99.

Easy to Use!

Flow Quik shows CFM directly on a large easy-to-read digital display. You do not need a calculator and a degree in higher mathematics to convert manometer readings into CFM. Just connect your head, open the valve, turn on the vacuum and read CFM directly on the large digital display.

Air Speed Too!

The latest version of Flow Quik supports the use of hand-held pitot tubes” to directly measure the air speed in the port. A single switch selects readout in air speed or pressure. Pressure readout is handy for checking carburetor jet signals.

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